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Sotech Staff
Steve O'Hara
Mark Moriai
Jim McAdam
Paul Rainbow

Sotech was founded in April 1997 and works in the UK Asset Finance & Leasing industry. Our staff members are experienced I.T. professionals who between them have a broad range of technical experience.

We believe that the UK leasing industry is in need of an independent consultancy capable of advising lessors during the selection and implementation of systems including, but not restricted to, Lease Administration Systems.

It has been our experience that many lessors are not aware of all software suppliers in the market, and often there is little knowledge within their company of what each supplier has to offer. Even those who do, rarely know how to go about assessing whether a software package, or indeed the supplier, is right for their business. This is where Sotech is able to offer an important service to your business. Sotech is in a unique position of being able to help you match a system and supplier that best matches your requirements. We have in-depth experience with a number of systems and their implementation.

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