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Early Days

Royal Grants

Recent Years

Royal Grants

One of the major problems facing the school in the early days was, and to a large extent still is, the obtaining of land. It was not uncommon in Ethiopia to make one's petition direct to the highest authority and so Asfaw took the opportunity of a visit by his Imperial Majesty Selassie I to the General Wingate School to throw himself before the Emporer's car and ask to be given some land. The request was granted and Asfaw's school was soon established on a site next to the General Wingate School. This was the beginning of the Emperor's interest in the school.

In 1967 the Emporer donated 5,000 dollars towards the running costs of the school.

In 1969 Asfaw was awarded the Hailie Selassie I Prize Trust Award for Education in recognition of his great service to Ethiopia. This amounted to 10,000 Ethiopian dollars.

In May 2001 Asfaw was awarded the World Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child, which was presented to him by Queen Silvia of Sweden.


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